• Please bring shorts and a vest top to change into for a treatment.  This makes it is easier to make postural observations and therefore choose the best plan of treatment. 

  • Sessions are very relaxed, gentle and non-invasive.  A treatment usually lasts 45 mins to an hour.  An initial appointment may take a little longer, as a client health questionnaire is taken. ​

  • A session is carried out with the client lying on a treatment table, but it can be undertaken with the client sitting in a chair or standing.   The most important thing is that the client is comfortable during treatment.

  • During a treatment a sequence of moves are performed over particular points on the body, either on skin or through light layers of clothing. 

  • Then the therapist leaves the client for a short period of time, usually about 2 minutes depending on what the client needs. 

  • This break in the treatment allows the body time to respond and integrate what is being done.  It allows the client to relax more deeply without feeling the need to keep a conversation.

  • At the end of the treatment you may be shown some simple gentle exercises to help with your recovery, and you will be given instructions which may be seen in the section on Aftercare.

  • Below is a short time lapsed video to show what a treatment might look like (obviously in real life it is much slower).