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Every body is different

Bowen Technique is a form of bodywork that works with the nervous system to re-align, relax and repair the body.  It is a hands-on technique using gentle but precise rolling movements over muscles, tendons, connective tissue and occasionally nerves.  The moves are performed in short sequences at key points, with short pauses in between to allow the body to respond.

As a holistic therapy, the affects will not only address specific conditions and symptoms, but also general well-being of the whole body.  It is a very relaxing treatment that can have dramatic results, with many clients needing only a few treatments to resolve acute problems.

It can be used to help a wide variety of acute or chronic conditions.  Some chronic conditions may benefit from a more regular, long-term treatment plan. 

Everybody will respond differently as every body has its own unique design.


During a session, a series of light moves are applied over specific points in the body.   These moves are performed over muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia (connective tissue), joints and occasionally nerves and work directly with the fascia, sending signals to your nervous system to encourage the body to initiate its own natural healing response.  This helps the body remember its blueprint for a relaxed and balanced state of being.




Helen, I can't speak highly enough of your skills in the Bowen technique.

I was having great difficulty in walking, working and sitting due to issues with my knee. Even from your first treatment my knee moved more freely and was far less painful when walking. It was absolutely wonderful!

After the 3rd or 4th treatment I was heading off on a family holiday fully expecting my knee to become troublesome midway through the holiday. However, this wasn't the case and my knee continued to stabilise throughout the summer.

You were extremely professional and talked me through the whole procedure before commencing.  After being treated by you, I would recommend you to the world!



I work in the London Borough of Bromley and areas around Westerham, Kent. 

I have a treatment rooms in Bromley, Westerham and am able to make home visits.




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